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Where do I start my child in the Bible?

The Bible isn't like other books that we read.  As a matter of fact, it is a collection of 66 books that tell the history and nature of man and the great redemption promised by God to both His people Israel and the whole world.  There are two promises or covenants (also known as Testaments) that are covered through the pages of Scripture.  The Old Testament covers the promises made to a people group who were to be God's special nation on earth, yet hints at a greater fulfillment of His promise to rule His people as their King, Redeemer & Savior (also known as the Messiah).  The New Testament shows the fulfillment of this promise through the life, death & resurrection of Jesus.  In the New Testament, the kingdom of God is transformed beyond merely a national identity to the redemption of the whole world through the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus.  Since Jesus has conquered death, the New Testament looks forward to the promise of God of eternal life with Him forever…

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